Genre: Horror


Well the acting in this movie is average which makes it better than most random horror movies you have never heard of. Nothing to really applaud but also nothing to hate.

Main actors: Charlotte Beaumont, Patrick Baladi.  Both are people I have never heard of, although Patrick did look familiar


The Windmill begins by introducing the idea that the characters involved may have some sort of troubled past.  Jennifer, the main character, begins the movie on the run from the law which leads her to join a tour of the Windmills of Holland in an attempt to get out of the city for the day. Patrick Baladi’s character and the rest of the cast are introduced before the bus tour begins, with some obvious and some subtle hints at their troubled past.  Only one person on the bus does not seem to fit in as he travels in the group with his dad (Patrick Baladi).  The story is a little slow as they attempt to set up some relationships with the characters before the death toll begins.  Things start to go south when the bus breaks down in the middle of nowhere as the sun is beginning to set. An attempt to seek help by a couple members of the bus leads us to the introduction of the supernatural killer.  Like in most horror movies, no one believes Jennifer when she says there is a killer and she is instead thought to just be insane.  A back story about a supposed Windmill Massacre is introduced and thought to have been aiding in Jennifer’s illusions. This plays out a little longer than it should as the people on the bus begin to make their way to a Windmill nearby where they are hoping to find help.  This of course leads to more killings as the body count begins to rise.  The main idea of the story is revealed as these killings begin to take place, the idea that the supernatural killer is murdering his victims based on their past sins.  I do not want to spoil the ending but there is a twist that most of you can probably figure out.

My thoughts:

I believe this movie could have had some potential but the way the story played out just did not work.  The supernatural aspect is interesting with the judging of character’s sins before they are murdered but the actual supernatural experiences tend to seem out of place and not thought out very well.  There is a good amount of gore to add to the horror element and it is actually done pretty well.  However, as this is a horror movie it really wasn’t scary.  There was never really a “jump out of your seat” scary moment and most of the murders are rather predictable. The twists in the movie are predictable as well but do fit in with the storyline of the film.  Overall, I was able to remain entertained enough to sit through this movie but an average storyline along with average acting made me question if this movie was worth it or not once the credits started rolling.

Hay in a Needlestack Rating: 5/10