Genre: Horror


Kate Beckinsale and Mel Raido.  Beckinsale does a good job of acting in the movie but Mel Raido plays her husband and he is terrible.  I could barely stand listening to him talk, every time he opened his mouth I cringed and couldn’t wait for it to stop.

My Thoughts:

Sorry but this movie was so terrible that I am not even going to waste my own time writing about the storyline because honestly I am not sure there even was one.  This movie made absolutely no sense, nothing happened, no questions were answered, and I am not sure how this ever made it to theaters.  Beckinsale is a good actress and she is pretty nice to look at but other than her this movie was so hard to sit through.  She is basically a mess the whole movie just like the script.  I think this was supposed to be a ghost movie but they forgot that you need to actually include the ghosts in order to make this a horror film.  And did I mention how awful the storyline was?! I am not sure what they were going for with the husband, he ruined just about every scene he was in.  Then they tried to create this weird incredibly awkward sexual tension between a local handyman who is either 15 or 25??? And then he died but didn’t? Oh and you know how in just about every haunted house movie there is some form of decent explanation as to why the house is haunted and you actually slightly understand it and either side for a ghosts that is trying to avenge its death or you fear a really terrifying horrific ghost who is just out to cause pain?  Ya well this movie will get you to cheer for the ghosts to actually kill the people in the house.  OHHHH and there is this weird scene where they invite friends over for dinner, who I think drive a long way to get there, and then they do not even introduce them. Beckinsale is late to a dinner party in her own house when I am pretty positive she was in the house the entire time.  There is this weird neon donut sign on the wall behind them that is just so out of place and weird, but then it gets even weirded when this super awkward interaction takes place between Beckinsale and her husband in the movie.  It’s god awful and hard to watch.  Overall this movie SUCKED! I’d rather watch Human Centipede again!.   OMG I almost forgot to mention that the movie just like ended out of nowhere and nothing was solved and you were just left wondering how a movie this bad ever made it to theaters and actually had trailers on TV.

Hay in a Needlestack Rating: 1/10

This movie is definitely one of the sharpest “needles” in the stack that is shitty movies on Netflix.