Genre: Horror, Zombies!

The first foreign film to be reviewed!

If you are a Zombie movie lover and do not mind reading subtitles then you will love this movie.  Train to Busan is an action packed Zombie movie that will keep you entertained throughout.  You follow a man and his daughter as they take a train ride in an attempt to get the daughter to her mother’s home.  A zombie outbreak occurs while they are on the train, leaving the passengers in the dark as to what is really going on in the world around them.  The outbreak makes its way onto the train and then all hell breaks loose.  The Zombies in this film are terrifying as they are able to run at full speed like the ones in 28 days later but they also use that scary pile on you in numbers effect that you see in World War Z.  The film has very good acting and a great storyline that will lead you to picking favorite characters and developing a large hatred for others.  The film makers use an original idea for the weakness of the Zombies that is exploited by the survivors in order for them to accomplish their goals.  You will be entertained throughout the entire film and will be constantly wondering if this movie has a happy ending to it or not.  The body count is high and there is not a large amount of drama and slow moving parts that you may see in other horror films.  This movie is worth your time if you are a fan of this genre and if you happen to speak Korean then you won’t have to read the subtitles. I usually tend to push off viewing movies with subtitles but this film gave me a new outlook on foreign horror films and has led me to begin watching more.  Check it out!

Hay in a Needlestack rating: 8.5/10