Genre: Thriller

Sooooo this movie will be one of the weirdest movies you ever watch but the idea is very original.  You follow  a criminal that just stole a bunch of money and is now on the run needing a place to hide for the night while he heals an injured foot.  He finds a house with a man who lives alone and uses a letter he found in the man’s mailbox as his way to get invited inside.  Everything seems pretty normal as the man in the house is just preparing a meal for his soon to be arriving dinner guests.  The main character then tries to find a way out of the situation after hearing about the dinner but he has dug himself in a little to deep and ends up invited to join the dinner.  The men are enjoying some wine and awkwardly trying to get to know each other when a news cast on the radio reveals the criminals name and description.  This leads to an altercation where the main character attempts to take control of the house but he greatly underestimated who he was dealing with.  He wakes up tied to a chair after being drugged up by his host and this is when all of the weird shit begins to take place.  The interaction between the man who owns the house and his dinner guests is pretty damn interesting and incredibly weird.  The main character is confused at what he is experiencing and he is in for one wild night. I do not want to spoil much about what happens in this movie but I can guarantee it is probably something you have not seen before.  The movie throws a few unexpected twists at you and will leave you flip flopping on what you think about the characters.  Overall I would say this movie is worth the watch, it is original and the acting is pretty good for an independent film.  Watch it!

Hay in a Needlestack review: 8/10