Genre: Comedy

Alright folks I watched this movie the other day mainly just because Jack Black was the star so I gave it a chance.  The movie is based around Jack Black planning his high school reunion and trying to get all of his old classmates to join.  His character was apparently not very popular in high school and no one really remembers who he was.  He is basically searching for something positive in his life and then he sees a commercial starring the most popular guy from his high school class.  He then takes a trip out to LA in an attempt to get this guy to come to the reunion in hopes that this will get everyone else to attend. This is where the best comedy of the show begins as Jack Black attempts to act like a cool guy and convince James Mardsen to come to the reunion.  They go out and party and Jack black has the time of his life and it is very funny and entertaining.  But then shit gets a little weird, I am not going to spoil what happens but it does make the rest of the movie pretty damn weird.  The rest of the movie revolves around the meltdown of Jack Black as he can’t deal with the weird shit that happened in LA as he tries to maintain this new friendship he started.  Basically everything goes wrong for him at this point, it is funny and pretty awkward, and you will either feel sorry for Jack Black or hate him.  Overall it is a good movie that will make you laugh, make you feel awkward and then have a nice ending for you.  Check it out.

Hay in the Needlestack Rating: 7/10