Genre: Comedy

This comedy is brought to you by some SNL cast members and if you accept this movie for what it is then it is very entertaining.  A lot of people seem to overthink comedies and expect everyone to be something great, but if you can just sit back and enjoy some stupid funny humor about a group of friends who just want to party and have fun during the summer then you will love this movie.  The movie was written by Colin Jost and follows a group of lifeguards in Staten Island who are trying to plan the ultimate summer party at the pool they work at.  The cast is actually pretty great, SNL members Bobby Moynihan, Cecily Strong, and Fred Armisen do a great job adding in their comedic talents to this film.  Fred Armisen is the best of the 3 as he adds a very funny role as a groundskeeper/maintenance worker at the pool who does battle with a hornets nest. Graham Philips and Zach Pearlman play the main characters who are best friends trying to enjoy one last fun summer together. The two friends follow a pretty typical character layout for comedy movies.  Graham is more of the straight laced good kid while Zach is an over the top funny wild card, so they play off of each other well.  The movie does a good job poking fun at some Staten Island stereotypes and even includes a little bit of the mob into the film to add a little conflict to the comedy.  Overall this movie follows your typical comedy party movie layout with the good kid main character, his funny best friend, a beautiful girl the main character is trying to hook up with, a few over the top wild characters, and then a little bit of conflict to increase the comedic effects.  This movie is worth your time and you will laugh throughout.  Don’t be that person that tries to compare every comedy to the great ones, just sit back and enjoy the movie!

Hay in the Needlestack Rating: 7/10