Genre: Thriller, Horror

So, first and foremost this is not a porno as the name seems to imply.  This movie is one of Bradley Coopers first feature roles and it is a pretty entertaining movie.  Cooper plays a photographer that is trying to make it famous by filming the dark things that take place at night in New York.  With this kind of work he gets involved in something that he would much rather not be a part of.  He plays the hero and saves a girl from being raped in the subway station but not until after he captures some photos to try and sell first.  This leads to him falling into the world of a serial killer when that same girl ends up missing.  Cooper spends the rest of the film following a mysterious character who he believes is the serial killer terrorizing subway passengers in New York.  This leads him down a trail of possible insanity as he becomes obsessed and sleep deprived while trying to solve this mystery.  Of course like most movies no one around him believes what he is talking about until it is to late.  He drags the people around him into his mess and I will let you see how that turns out for them.  The ending is very interesting and as someone who prides themselves on being able to figure out movies I honestly did not see this ending coming.  Overall I think this is a good movie with good acting, which is hard to find in most movies on Netflix.  It is a little more high profile than the other movies I have reviewed since Cooper stars in it but I had not heard of this movie until I saw it on Netflix so I felt I needed to share.  Just a warning for those that do not like gore!  There is a high body count and a lot of blood in this movie so if you enjoy that kind of stuff along with some interesting twist, you will like this film

Hay in a Needlestack rating: 9/10