Genre: Horror, Thriller

Alright the next movie to be reviewed is Hush.  I put off watching this movie for a while because I honestly thought it was going to suck, but to my surprise it did not!  This movie is about a woman who lives by herself out in the middle of nowhere in order to help her concentrate on her writing, oh and she just so happens to be deaf (this is pretty important).  So the movie starts out with her hanging out with a neighbor friend for a little bit before she is going to settle in for the night.  Her being deaf comes into play real quick with the arrival of a mysterious killer as he does something right outside her window without her even noticing since she cannot hear the screams.  The killer notices this and decides to have a little fun with her.  He knows he can walk into her house without her even knowing while she is distracted on her computer.  He makes sure to remove her communication to the outside world before he begins to torment her.  He is armed with a crossbow, a large knife, and love for murder.  I do not want to spoil what happens between him and her throughout the night but I promise that it is entertaining and it will leave you guessing on if she will survive the night or not.  There is enough action and turns in the storyline to keep you interested in watching a movie that only revolves around 2 characters and a house.  So watch it!

Hay in the Needlestack rating:  7/10