Genre: Horror

Alright everyone it is about time I do a negative review.  I kept seeing this movie First Born pop up on the “trending now movies” so I finally decided to check it out.  I am going to keep this short and sweet.  I HATED this movie, there was nothing about it I liked. It was slow as hell, nothing to keep me interested, and the acting was the only decent part.  Long story short, I turned this movie off halfway through and it was a struggle to get through that first half.  Maybe I was just in a shitty mood when I watched this or maybe I didn’t give it enough time to get to the interesting parts but I will never waste another minute of my life to give it a second chance! Watch at your own risk or better yet just go re-watch episodes of The Office again like I did.

Hay in the Needlestack rating: 1/10.

If I can’t finish a movie it gets a 1 rating, here is the first one!