Genre: Horror

Abattoir is a very interesting horror film and it follows a storyline that has a very original take.  Jessica Lowndess stars in this film as a journalists whose Sister’s family is mysteriously murdered in their own house for what appears to be for no reason at all.  Joe Anderson (from The Grey and The Crazies) stars as a police detective who seems to be in an on again off again relationship with Jessica, and he will do just about anything for her.  Jessica begins on a quest to discover why this killer did what he did and it leads her to going back to check out the crime scene.  This is when the movie begins to take an interesting turn.  The room that her sister’s family was murdered in has been removed from the house by a mysterious buyer who was somehow able to quickly speed up the buying process for the house.  Jessica then launches her own investigation on this mysterious buyer and begins to uncover a whole bunch of similar cases to the one that happened to her sister’s house.  As is typical in most movies like this she becomes to deeply involved in her search and Joe Anderson’s character does all he can to try and stop her.  She eventually discovers a clue that leads her to a very old and small town that she just so happens to have grown up in.  Jessica attempts to hunt down her estranged mother but she receives some unexpected news at her mother’s old house.  Once Jessica is in the town things begin to get even stranger.  This town seems to be run by a very strange character (I don’t want to spoil things by getting to specific) who is played by Dayton Callie (from Sons of Anarchy).  Joe and Jessica’s characters get caught up in something they would have liked to avoid but they are both given an offer they cannot seem to refuse.  I do not want to get into to much detail about the ending of the film but it is pretty interesting and does a good job of relating back to the mysterious things brought up earlier in the film.  This movie is worth watching to the very end because I have feeling you will not be able to figure out the ending.  Overall I enjoyed this movie and it is definitely worth the time to check it out!

Hay in a Needlestack Rating: 7/10