Genre: Comedy, Horror

The first Hay in a Needlestack movie I will review is one of my favorites on Netflix right now:  Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil.  This movie combines comedy and horror (mainly in just the sense of gore) and is without a doubt worth your time to watch. The writers do a great job of mocking a lot of things you will see in your typical horror movie. Tyler Labine plays the role of Dale who heads out to a cabin in the woods with his friend Tucker.  Meanwhile a group of college kids, who are written perfectly to mock the way most horror movies portray college kids in movies, are headed out on a camping trip in those same woods.  A funny and awkward first encounter sets the whole movie into play as Tucker and Dale are stereotyped as crazy hillbillies and the college kids just want to get drunk and party for the weekend.  I do not want to tell to much of the story here but something happens to a very attractive girl from the group of college kids while they are out skinny dipping which leads to her friends spending the rest of the movie attempting to “rescue” her from Tucker and Dale.  A lot of funny and gory shit goes down during all of this and even with the high body count and violent deaths you will laugh and enjoy it.  There is even a little twist at the end for those of you who enjoy that.  Overall this movie is awesome and worth your time.

Hay in a Needlestack Rating: 8.5/10